Australias Best Kept Secret Tasmania Thumbnail

What I liked so much about Tasmania was not just its natural diversity with mountains, rainforests, beaches and lakes all packed within the island but also that it’s not that touristic at all with most of the travelers focusing on the east coast and other Australian must-sees like the Uluru and the outback or the …
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What to do on Australia's East Coast Thumbnail

Australia’s hugely popular East Coast has so many nice places to visit and even the people just traveling up or down from Sydney to Cairns sometimes find it hard to make the choice especially when on a tough schedule. Obviously Sydney and Brisbane are must visits and no one really wants to skip them so …
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Australia’s Most Popular Rainforest

Last updated: August 8th, 2014 | in Beyond Thailand
Australia's most popular rainforest Thumbnail

I don’t know if Cape Tribulation is Australia’s “best” rainforest, but it’s definitely the one best marketed. And it’s also fairly easy to get there, with great value trips being offered from Cairns in the far north of Queensland. Normally I try to avoid tours as you always pay extra for the agents’ commission or simply …
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The Best Overnight Trip on Australia's East Coast Thumbnail

Australia’s east coast is full of national parks that are marketed as perfect one to five-day trips in the city’s backpacker hostels and travel agencies. While for some of them you don’t need to book a tour and can do it via public transport (i.e. North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane), for most of the national …
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The most boring city on Australia's East Coast Thumbnail

There are places that you visit during your travels which turn out totally boring and different from how you always pictured them in your head. Cairns on the far north of Australia’s east coast in the state Queensland is such a place. Every single traveler that I met and traveled up or down the east …
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Why you shouldn't miss Fraser Island on your travel Down Under Thumbnail

I have visited 13 different places on Australia’s east coast. And while I can’t say that any of them was not worth visiting, there are definitely some highlights that I want recommend to you, especially if you are on a tougher schedule than me and want to pick the best places. One of these places …
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My day exploring Noosa in Queensland Australia Thumbnail

While Noosa is definitely the first major tourist and backpacking destination for those traveling up north Australia’s east coast from Brisbane, I was surprised how few people actually went for the town’s natural highlight: Noosa National Park. The park is easily accessible and one of its main entrances is located on Hastings St right next …
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How I got a cash-in-hand job in Brisbane Australia Thumbnail

Besides all the cool things in and around Brisbane that I have done during my three week stay there, I have also managed to find my first job in Australia – an easy no contract cash-in-hand job. Fortunately I had saved quite some money by working in a factory in Germany before I started my …
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Pineapple Field Australia Thumbnail

I know it isn’t the most exciting story I tell you here on Redcat Travel, but it was definitely fun to discover this HUGE pineapple field while driving through the Glasshouse Mountains National Park in Queensland, Australia, with an Irish and Chinese girl I had just met the day before at the guesthouse in Caloundra. We …
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Glass House Mountains Thumbnail

I had spent three full weeks in Brisbane and and apart from my cash-in-hand job there I also went around exploring the city and even done a lot of side trips like down to the Gold Coast, visiting the city’s world-famous koala sanctuary and even went out to North Stradbroke Island for a full day trip …
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What to do in Brisbane? 5 Highlights

Last updated: August 14th, 2014 | in Beyond Thailand
What to do in Brisbane Thumbnail

Unlike many other backpackers I met in Australia, Brisbane is one of my absolute favorite cities down under. While it’s true that there aren’t as many tourist attractions and that you can easily visit one after another in five days, I like Brisbane for it’s good mix between big city feeling that offers many quiet …
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