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How often I have asked my girlfriend “how to say fuck in Thai?”. The best answer I got was “ʉ́ʉp-ʉ́ʉp” (อื๊บๆ) which literally means to lift something up. Thai people use it as a more polite word of “to fuck” but the actual word fuck she never wanted to tell me. You might have heard “bɔɔm-bɔɔm” in massage places or beer bars but in fact that’s just a word they made up for talking to Farangs.

Not just with the word “fuck” it took me quite a lot of effort figuring out the actual word in Thai as for all the other words you can see on the list I have put together. Thai people are really encouraging you learning Thai and will tell you everything you want to know – except all the bad words.

That’s quite strange given Thais like to swear all the time but if you ask them how to say “asshole”, “pussy” or “bitch” in Thai they are always like: “Don’t say that, not good.”

I have taken lots of effort to figure them all out though and by now I know more than just 20 bad words but the ones I have listed here are probably the worst ones you can have in your Thai repertoire. It’s important that you never say any of these words in public, especially to people you don’t know. They can really get you in big trouble as you can’t make a Thai person lose their face more by throwing at him or her one of these words.

I made the eBook for FREE and you will not just get the list of the 20 worst Thai words along with their transliteration and English translation but as well three pages of my remarks where I give additional information to the words letting you know where you can – or cannot – use them.

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Top 20 Bad Thai Words
Top 20 Bad Thai Words

Top 20 Bad Thai Words 2

Once again, please don’t use these words in public or with people you don’t know – words can be weapons and that’s especially true with these 20 bad Thai words.