How I met Thailand’s most famous TV Star

Last updated: February 10th, 2015 | in Living

Yesterday I had lunch in the food court at Central Rama9 (shopping mall) in Bangkok. I almost finished my rice-pork sizzler when my friend wrote me that there would be some cool promotion at Starbucks going on. I normally don’t mind Starbucks and why not having an espresso after my lunch, so I walked down to the second floor to have a look at it.

The promotion was just about buying two beverages for the price of one. There were more than 30 people standing in line and while already starting making my way back and wondering why so many people can go crazy about that, I almost ran into her: Janie Thienphosuvan, currently Thailand’s most famous TV star. From what I know she is half Thai, half Chinese and grew up in Los Angeles.

I first couldn’t really believe it when I saw her right in front of me. I watched her a lot on the hugely popular TV series called แรงเงา (Raeng Ngao) and believe it or not, I even have posters of her on the walls of my room.

So I asked Janie if I could take a picture with her which she was happily ready to do. I told her in Thai that I watched her series on TV and liked it a lot (ดูแรงเงาทุกครั้งครับ ชอบมากแลย). She found it amusing that a farang (foreigner) like me watched it and even more: “Oh, you can speak Thai?”. And I said: “พูดไทยได้นะครับ” (Oh, yes I can speak Thai). So we took a picture thanked each other and she walked into the cafe where they were shooting for a new TV series.

There were a few other TV stars around as well but I didn’t care too much about that, I was just super happy to have met Janie and even more that I could take a picture with her. Thanks to Ronald, my friend that mentioned the promotion at Starbucks!

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pretty thai girl <3


How long did it take you to learn to speak thai?

What level are you at now? beginner, intermediate or advanced? or you can scale it from 1-10; 1=newbie, 10=pro