Koh Samui is one of the most visited places in Thailand and still if you read many of the “how to get there” guides on the internet, most of them seem to be outdated and often they don’t even tell you how long it takes with a particular type of transport. I revisited Koh Samui …
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Koh Samui Highlights

Last updated: July 26th, 2017 | in Islands | Koh Samui | Southern Thailand | Surat Thani | Traveling

What makes Koh Samui the most visited island in Thailand after Phuket? It’s probably the great mix of nice beaches, huge range of hotel choices from cheap backpacker dorms with shared bathroom to five star luxury resorts with private beach, fine restaurants with both Thai and Western dishes, modern shopping malls, a bustling nightlife and …
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Ubon Ratchathani Highlights

Last updated: December 2nd, 2015 | in Isaan | Traveling | Ubon Ratchathani

When you’re cruising through lush rainforest on your motorcycle, past small villages and rice paddies and hear small children yelling “Falang! Falang!” every now and then: Welcome (back) to Isaan – “truly Thailand” if you want. It’s always great to get out of Bangkok for a while and even more so when I decide to explore …
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Koh Samet Highlights

Last updated: September 1st, 2015 | in Central Thailand | Islands | Koh Samet | Traveling

Last month I went on the first trip together with my girlfriend. Since she only got three days off from work I thought it might be just nice to go to Koh Samet for two nights. Hua Hin and Pattaya would have been good options too – distance wise – but then with all the beer …
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Roi Et Highlights

Last updated: August 3rd, 2016 | in Isaan | Roi Et | Traveling

When you meet Roi Et people in other parts of Thailand, they often make a joke and say they come from “L.A.” which is kind of Thai sense of humor as the “r” often sounds like a “l” in informal conversations and the English “a” is pronounced exactly the same way as the Thai “e” (เอ) and …
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Hua Hin Highlights

Last updated: November 28th, 2016 | in Central Thailand | Hua Hin | Phetchaburi | Traveling

There are a lot of reasons why Bangkok is the most visited city in the world and also has the biggest expat community in Thailand. I guess I don’t need to repeat those here, you’ve either been here yourself or just read this blog regularly. However it’s always good to have a break every once …
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Where To Go For Loi Krathong In Bangkok

Last updated: November 10th, 2014 | in Bangkok | Traveling

One thing that’s nice about living here in Thailand is there are so many festivals and while the Thais even celebrate the western events like New Year’s eve, Valentines Day and just last week Halloween more for having an excuse to go out drinking rather than really understanding what’s behind it, there are also countless of …
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Top 5 Best Hotels in Bangkok for New Year’s Eve

Last updated: September 1st, 2016 | in Bangkok | Hotels | Traveling

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Thailand you basically have two options: Taking it easy and romantic on a nice beach or in some laid back provincial town or joining the country’s biggest and most exciting party in the capital Bangkok. The most popular places in town to celebrate are Central World (where they …
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James Bond Island Day Trip from Phuket

Last updated: November 15th, 2016 | in Phuket | Southern Thailand | Traveling

It always feels good to get out of hustling and bustling Bangkok for a few days and so last month I went down to Phuket for a long weekend. This has already been my fourth trip to Thailand’s biggest island and what I really like about it apart that it’s much more relaxing than a lot …
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For me there are three important things to consider when booking a hotel in Phuket: It should be located within easy walking distance to the beach, have a variety of nightlife spots nearby as well as set in a quiet environment. Especially the latter is quite unrealistic since if it’s close to the beach and has a …
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Chiang Rai is still one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. Even though there are so many fun things to see and do in Thailand’s northernmost province, the majority of tourists still stick to Chiang Mai when visiting this part of Thailand. Located about 820 km north of the capital Bangkok, you might choose your mean …
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