Perfect Shot: The Best View over Brisbane

Last updated: August 14th, 2014 | in Beyond Thailand

Located on a hill 7km southwest of downtown Brisbane, the lookout on Mt Coot-tha has the best view all over Brisbane and its surroundings. I just found out about it more or less by accident on my way back from the Koala Sanctuary as the group of backpackers that I met there told me about it and so we traveled there together on a late afternoon in September.

There is no entrance fee involved, you can instead spend your money on a cappuccino at the Kuta Cafe or a romantic dinner at the Summit Restaurant, both located just behind the viewing platform (and actually a little bit higher that that one).

Brisbane Best View 1

What I really liked about the lookout on Mt Coot-tha is that you are close enough to the city and see the impressive skyline. But it’s also further than most other lookouts I have visited and so you get this really amazing view not just of the city center but of the green and lush outskirts of Brisbane as well. It was interesting to see how the city’s 2.2 million citizens spread over a huge area of land rather than concentrating around the city center.

Brisbane Best View 2

How to get to Mt Coot-tha Lookout?

Coming from downtown Brisbane, take bus number 471 from Adelaide Street (latest departure 3:15pm) which takes you all the way up Mt Coot-tha and to the lookout in about 30 minutes.

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